Download BestSync

Download BestSync

Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use

Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use

BestSync 2014

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Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use

The best sync tool I ever used
BestSync is one of the best sync tools available at this point. It has some of the most important characteristics: it is fast, reliable, safe, easy to use and understand and affordable.
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BestSync 2014 improvements

  •  Support synchronizing with Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files.
  • Improved the performance for synchronizing among PCs with FTP servers and cloud storages that do not support copying last-modified time to uploaded file, or do not give the real last-modified time in list command.
  • Many other improvements.

Download BestSync 2014 (Version9.0.6.2, the last stable version)

BestSync supplies many free features
that are enough for local file synchronization!

Full features of the Ultimate Licenses are available for 30 days
Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7/8/8.1

Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

Synchronize with your website

Download BestSync 2014 Portable (Version9.0.6.2, the last stable version)

BestSync Portable Version optimized for portable usage. No need to install, only decompress the executable files to the root folder of the removable drive. When the removable drive is inserted, the BestSync Portable is started automatically.

Synchronize file between home and office

NOTE: Portable version can not run task as Windows Service.

And Portable version does not have trial period

Download BestSync 2014  (Version9.0.6.2) from

Download BestSync 2015  (beta)

Download BestSync 2015  (32bit and 64bit beta)
Download BestSync 2015 Portable 32bit (beta) Download BestSync 2015 Portable 64bit (beta)

BestSync 2015 (beta) has following improvements:

    Added a new feature to synchronize file with Android device. how to...
    Fixed some bugs that cause memory leak.
    Fixed some bugs that may cause buffer overflow exception error.
    Fixed a bug that may cause all the files be transferred again at the next synchronization when "Only scan the source folder..." in "Filter" setting is checked.
    Fixed some bugs in FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV synchronization.
    Fixed a bug that temporary files may remain if their lengths of the extension are not 3 characters.
    Fixed a bug when display the tranferring progress of a huge file in the preview window.
    Added an "OAuth login" button for setup the folder of Microsoft OneDrive.
    Improved the renaming function that can rename files to a sub-folder.
    Improved the performance of synchronization.
    Other many inprovements.

Free Tool -- Deployment tool of BestSync

DeployTool is a tool for deploying BestSync easily.
This tool can install/uninstall BestSync, start/stop BestSync, activate license automatically.
Details of Deployment Tool

Free Tool -- Decryption tool of BestSync

This is a tool for decrypting the file that is encrypted by BestSync.
This tool need not to be installed, only decompress the following zip file to a PC folder.