Features of BestSync

Features of BestSync

Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use

Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use


BestSync Main Features

Easy to use--Very intuitive user interface

Setup the sync-task by the task wizard, all the advanced features are easy to select options in the wizard.

wizard general

  Setup two folders to be synchronized by the folder browser.

browse folder

Synchronize file--Work with 2 or more computers

Single-Directional, bi-directional synchronization and file mirroring feature to ensure your workstation, laptop, and networked computers have the same files. BestSync can detect and synchronize file changes automatically, such as creating, updating, deleting and copying files in subfolders.

Backup & Restore file--Protect your data

Back up your important files anytime with a single click, and use the flexible scheduler to automate your backups.

Before synchronization, BestSync makes backup all the files that will be replaced or deleted during the synchronization. This is the unique and most important option of BestSync while synchronizing from multiple locations. When disaster strikes, restore the backup data easily. Incremental backups and full backups are supported.

Synchronize local folders with FTP/FTPS/FTPES/SFTP server--Online access file

Synchronize only changed files with FTP server in bi-direction.

Automatically download/upload changed files only from/to FTP server. Support FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL) ,SFTP (SSH File transfer Protocol).

Using BestSync, publishing your website becomes easy and fast, only changed files are transferred to the server, and the deleted files on one side can be removed automatically by option.

Synchronize local folders with WebDAV collection--Online access file

Synchronize only changed files only with WebDAV collections in bi-direction. BestSync is also a powerful tool to download huge files from a website in a stable way. Here is the tutorial.

Synchronize local folders with cloud storage--Access cloud storage

Synchronize only changed files with Amazon S3, Google Storage, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox in one-way or two-way direction.

BestSync can also encrypt the changed files by AES 256 bit before uploading files to the public storage.

Synchronize a folder with a ZIP file with complex filtering functions.

Only changed files are put into the ZIP file, and deleted files are removed from the ZIP file. Support AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128Bit/256Bit cryptographic algorithm to protect the zip file with password.

Synchronize with MS Outlook mail

Synchronize email, contact, schedule, etc with MS Outlook by USB, FTP, etc. BestSync only copies new mails, contacts, and schedules.

Fast filtering--Backup selected file types

Wildcard patterns can be used as filtering conditions. The wild-card patterns can be part of the file name, extension, and wild card characters (*,?,#). A file type selector makes selecting file types very easy.

Include and exclude Filters--Only backup the critical data

Sub-folders and files can be specified to be included or excluded from the synchronization.

Support FTP Proxy, HTTP Proxy.

Enterprise users can synchronize local folders with FTP/WebDAV/Amazon S3 Cloud storage on the internet behind the firewall.

Encryption & compression--Keep your data private

BestSync can encrypt the files before uploading them to the FTP server and public cloud storage. BestSync can also protect your files before copying files to a USB drive in the office, the files are encrypted and compressed. And when the files are synchronized to a home PC again, files are decrypted and decompressed. So it is safe even though the USB drive is lost. The default cryptographic algorithm is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256Bit .

Copy NTFS privilege--Simplify the security management.

In the copy options, there is an option to copy the NTFS privilege.

Support Security Protocols.

Support FTPS (FTP over implicit TLS/SSL), FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL), SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

Preview--Confirm or change the sync action before running

In the preview window, you can modify the synchronization action of the files, and confirm the result of the synchronization, or start the comparing tool to view the difference between the files of the two sides.
You can also exclude files, sub-folders, and file types from the synchronization in the preview.
preview window

Copy open / locked files

Support "Volume Shadow Copy Service" of Windows 8 / 10 /11, Windows Server 2012 / 2016 / 2019 /2022. Even opened files or locked files, such as SQL database files, Outlook PST files can be backed up correctly, and no need to close the opening program.

Run as Windows Service, No need to logon

This is very suitable for a server to backup changed files, and a workstation to backup files to a server. When synchronizing with the network drive or shared folder. BestSync can impersonate a local user and log on to the network resource.

Real-time Synchronization

Synchronize files immediately after change. BestSync monitors the change of the folders. When a file is changed, deleted, or renamed, the file is copied to, deleted from, or renamed in the target folder immediately.

Parallel Synchronization

sync by multiple threads

super fast super effective

  • Fast Scan! Scan multiple folders simultaneously to shorten the preparation time.
  • Fast Sync! Copy multiple files simultaneously shorten the synchronization time.
  • Fast Download! Download one large file in multiple segments by multiple threads.
  • newSupport multi-parts uploading file to Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files, support upload/download huge file that is larger than 3G bytes.
  • Avoid disk fragments even copy multiple files simultaneously.

Resume a file transfer from the last breakpoint.

The feature ensures large files to be copied successfully. This feature applies to FTP server, WebDAV, cloud storage, network drive, and shared folder.

Bandwidth control for download and upload files.

speed control chart

Limit bandwidth by the preset speed control chart.

Resolve conflict intelligently and automatically

Detect file copying, deleting, and moving, and do the corresponding action automatically.
resolve confliction

Protect your data from ransomware.

This option is provided for protecting your data from Ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that carries out the cryptoviral extortion attack from cryptovirology that blocks access to data until a ransom is paid and displays a message requesting payment to unlock it. Ransomware may encrypt the victim's files, making them inaccessible, and demand a ransom payment to decrypt them. Because Ransomware encrypts all the files under a folder or drive, if your set a threshold here such as 95%, BestSync can stop the synchronization, thus protecting the files under the backup folder from being harmed.

File modification Time Synchronization.

BestSync supports MDTM, MFMT, SITE UTIME commands to copy the timestamp to the file that is uploaded to the FTP server. BestSync also tries to copy the timestamp to the file that is uploaded to the WebDAV server and cloud storage (If this kind of feature is supported by the server).

Detecting time zone, resolving conflicts caused by Daylight Saving Time change, Preserving FTP file timestamp.

Files can be synchronized correctly even the client and server are in different time zones. The timestamp difference caused by the Daylight-Saving-Time change can be ignored by option.

No file crash! No file lost!

No files will be crashed during synchronization. BestSync uses a temporary file as the target, only the temporary file has been copied successfully, it will become the target file.  The files replaced or deleted during synchronization can be backed up and restored later.

Verify file after synchronization--Ensure the files be copied successfully.

BestSync can use the verification method (CRC32, MD5) provided by the FTP/WebDAV/cloud storage server to verify if the files have been transferred successfully. If the server does not support this kind of function, BestSync verifies the file by comparing the content.

Versioning--Keep previous versions

The date and time of synchronization can be used to create a sub-folder to store the backup files, and a backup comment can be attached to the sub-folder. Old versions can be cleared automatically by option.

Trigger the task by the insertion event of a removable media, or event of disk mounting.

When you insert the USB disk into the PC, all the updated files are compressed and encrypted to the USB disk. When the synchronization completes, BestSync flushes all the data to the USB disk, it is safe to take the USB out of the PC.
BestSync can modify the task setting automatically if the drive is mounted to a different drive number from the original task setting.
(BestSync Portable Version optimized for portable usage, no need to install, just decompress the files to the root folder of the removable drive.)

Log view--Review the sync history

In the Log view, you can view the difference between the current version and the backup versions, and restore the backup file to the source folder. Export log data to a CSV file or HTML file.

Email Sync Result--Monitor the task remotely

Report the sync result by email. The sync result is a zipped HTML file. BestSync supports SMTP Authentication, such as "AUTH CRAM-MD5" or "AUTH LOGIN".

Full Unicode support, and long file name

BestSync can synchronize file names including characters of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more. BestSync also supports long file names up to 32768 characters on the NTFS file system.

Auto power off option to shutdown computer automatically when all the tasks are complete.

Command-line arguments to lock computer, minimize as a task tray icon, start tasks, or shutdown.

Easy to encrypt or decrypt files

Insert a context menu "Encrypt <==> Decrypt" in Windows Explorer, It is easy to encrypt and compress files or decrypt and decompress files by this menu.

Easy to take out digital camera pictures.

Pictures in the digital camera can be automatically moved to a designated folder, and rules can be specified to rename the picture names.

Other features

  • Portable paths for removable drives, BestSync uses the volume label and serial number to identify the removable drive. so even the removable drive is mounted to a different disk letter, BestSync can recognize it.
  • Automatically log on to network sharing folders before synchronization.
  • Automatically reconnect to remote folders if they lose connection during Analyze or Sync.
  • Copy symbolic link, Symbolic links can be copied as links (copy as is) or as files to which they are pointing.
  • Free Space Required Predicted, computes free space needed to complete Sync before you start it.
  • Low Memory Requirement, BestSync uses the lowest memory than main competitors. See Compare with main competitors.
  • File Time-stamp Translation for non-preserving file systems, for file systems that do not preserve file modification time when copying, BestSync implements a novel time translation technique that makes time-stamp appear to be preserved by copy action. Run other synchronization tasks after synchronization.
  • Sequentially run other sync tasks after synchronization. Run sync-task/application before and after synchronization.
  • Start sync-tasks from the command line.