Synchronization software for FTP, WebDAV, network shared folder, Amazon S3 and Cloud Storage etc

Synchronization software for FTP, WebDAV, network shared folder, Amazon S3 and Cloud Storage etc

Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use

Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use


BestSync - The easy-to-use yet powerful and reliable file synchronization software

BestSync is an easy-to-use yet powerful and reliable utility for file backup and synchronization. BestSync can backup file to/synchronize local files with FTP/FTPS/FTPES/SFTP folder, WebDAV Collection, ZIP archive and newAndroid folder by BestDAV BestSync can synchronize files with cloud storages such as Amazon S3 bucket, Google Storage bucket, Windows Azure container, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Drive,  Microsoft OneDrive, and DropBox. BestSync can also synchronize Outlook contact/task/email, and Windows Live Mail.

BestSync automatically analyzes folders, detects changed/deleted/moved/renamed files, then synchronizes and backs up only changed files (or Outlook emails).

BestSyncis FREE for synchronizing files between local folders, backup local folders to outside storages, and restoring backup files to original folders, and no limit for task number and file number!

FTP/FTPS/FTPES Synchronization, SFTP Synchronization

Synchronize file with FTP/SFTP server

BestSync can be used to synchronize local folders with FTP/FTPS/FTPES/SFTP servers, publish local contents to the Web Server, or backup local files to the FTP server. It detects changed files both in local folders and remote folders, can download/upload only changed files.  It supports FTPS (FTP over TLS/SSL), FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL), SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), and can resume failed files from the last broken point, and can download/upload multiple files concurrently by multiple threads. It can also download a large file in multiple segments... !!!Incredible features...

WebDAV Synchronization

Synchronize with WebDAV server

Synchronize files with WebDAV collection, download/upload only changed files from/to WebDAV collection automatically,  supports the http proxy server, enterprise users can synchronize files with internet storages behind the firewall....

BestSync 2016 added a new feature that can synchronize with Android files by BestDAV WebDAV server.

Amazon S3 SynchronizationGoogle Storage SynchronizationWindows Azure SynchronizationRackspace Cloud Files SynchronizationMicrosoft OneDrive SynchronizationGoogle Drive SynchronizationDropBox Synchronization

Synchronize with Amazon S3 Bucket

Synchronize files with Amazon S3 bucket, Google Storage, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files, OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox. Download/upload only changed files from/to bucket automatically,  supports the HTTP proxy, enterprise users can synchronize files with cloud storages behind the firewall... !!!Incredible features...

Outlook Synchronization, Outlook Backup

Synchronize with Outlook

Backup/Synchronize Microsoft Outlook email, contact etc to/with external storage, shared network folder or FTP etc online storage. BestSync does not copy the whole large .PST file, it only transfers new or changed emails, contacts and tasks etc... !!!Incredible features...

File Synchronization,  Folder Synchronization

Synchronize File among PCs

Keep files the same between branch companies or subsidiary companies by NAS, Shared folder, or USB drive. Ensure that you always works on the same updated files. Supports Real-time synchronization to synchronize files immediately after the files are changed, and can run as Windows Service that need not user logon, this is a feature be suitable for running on server... !!!Incredible features...

Other synchronization features

Synchronize a folder with a ZIP archiveZIP File Synchronization: Synchronize a folder with a ZIP Archive file, compress a folder to a ZIP file automatically with complex filtering conditions. Backup file automaticallyAutomatic Incremental File Backup: Backup your critical data to external storage, network drive, online storage by flexible schedule.
Synchronize folders by USB driveUSB Synchronization: Synchronize File /Windows Mail/Outlook (mail, contact, schedule etc)  between home and office by USB disk with the encryption feature. Publish changed file to website Simplify Web Publishing: Publish only changed files to your web site using the FTP protocol. Save your quality time.

Incredible features. Extremely easy to use

wizard bi-direction sync backup multiple media sync ftp sync webdav sync S3 sync google storage FTP proxy SSL/TLS zip compress sync outlook filter file by wild character pattern include & exclude preview volume shadow copy copy NTFS privilege scheduler trigger sync by USB sync as windows service realtime sync sync in multiple segments resume from break-point speed control timezone preserve timestamp auto resolve conflict compress and encrypt file prevent file from being crashed verify file file versioning log view email notification support unicode

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