BestSync version up history

BestSync version up history

Version History

Version History

BestSync 2014

BestSync 2014 Version History

BestSync 2014 (Newest Versions)

  • Ver9.0.4.2
  • Improvement: Force BestSync distributes encrypted files to 100 subfolders when "Encrypt file name" option is checked, by adding "_BS-01-BS_", "_BS-02-BS_","_BS-03-BS_","_BS-04-BS_" etc 4 folders to the target folder.
  • Improvement: Setup the startup account of BestSync service automatically when a task is set to synchronize with NAS and run as Windows service.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that might cause deleted files not be deleted from the target folder in real-time mode.

BestSync Old Version History

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