403 forbidden on wasabi tasks v15

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403 forbidden on wasabi tasks v15

Post by loquanet »

Using the same key and secret on other apps and phone apps the login works.
Nothing in the app will connect or sync. I get 403 forbidden.

Tried creating a new user, same thing.
The bestsync doesn't work at all for wasabi s3 buckets.

Help please :shock:
wasabi403forbiddenscreenshot.PNG (32.85 KiB) Viewed 10682 times
wasabi403forbiddenscreenshot2.PNG (45.23 KiB) Viewed 10682 times
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Re: 403 forbidden on wasabi tasks v15

Post by RiseFly »

It seems that you have not the access right to the server.
Please check which server (host) your account is in.
Here is the list of wasabi host, please try them.
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