BestSync is far better than I believed possible because :-

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BestSync is far better than I believed possible because :-

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I have no connection with Risefly other than my recent discovery of BestSync as the best possible synchronising tool.
I am astounded that it takes less than 20 seconds for Preview to analyse the differences between
my 25 GB partition C:\ which holds 16 GB of information in 80,000+ files,
and similar P:\ which is a mounted Macrium partition image file of how C:\ was upon the last validation of C:\.

My main usage is to detect any unwanted garbage that has invaded or which I may have tested and forgotten to uninstall,
and if all is good I declare the existing C:\ to be validated and I make a new Macrium image.

I installed a vast number of Synchronisation Tools including BestSync and evaluated them all over a few weeks.
I was appalled by all the stuff they installed and how much they trashed the registry,
but I was expecting that so I had a Macrium image prepared and ready to restore normality.

After I completed the evaluation I created a new Macrium image that included any other odd "Work In Progress" I might have been doing during evaluation phase,
then I restored C:\ from the old pre-evaluation Macrium Image, mounted the latest image with the trashed registry as P:\, and used BestSync to compare C:\ with P:\
N.B. BestSync remained present in partition E:\ because it is Portable which I find so much nicer than things installed and abusing the registry.
BestSync preview found 2 GB in a few thousand new files, much of it from SyncToy.
After unchecking all the folders due to SyncToy and 5 or 6 other synchronisers the differences were down to a few 100 MB in a few hundred files.
After unchecking a few Firefox branches and all the Windows\System32 and other stuff that happens on startup etc it was down to a few MB in 100 files.

Because my previous experience of Folder comparators was that the ability to synchronous was restricted to those who paid for a licence,
my intention had been to obtain the information from Preview and use that information to guide my use of Windows Explorer to copy files across,
but I realised that BestSync should do the desired synchronisation for free - and it did - perfect - so easy.

When all else is equal in performance, my preferences are that an application be Portable and occupy little space on my Flash or HDD.
BestSync Portable wins hands down on all counts.

RiseFly user friendliness and responsiveness even to non-paying users of free products :-

With my previous partition/folder comparators I have used TreeSize to measure the drive space taken by alternative applications,
When an application is upgraded I also like to compare the old and the new - my son tells me that I am sad, and should get a life ! ! !
I usually have to launch two instances of TreeSize and select the relevant folders to determine how much extra disc space was taken by a product enhancement.
BestSync Preview was showing me how much would be copied upon Sync, but not how much would be deleted,
and I realised that a column with this extra information would reduce my need for TreeSize.
I suggested this to the developers and 17 days later received an email announcing a new release.
This fulfilled my wildest expectations.

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