WebDAV: Original modified times not preserved when uploading to IIS Server

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WebDAV: Original modified times not preserved when uploading to IIS Server

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Problem: When uploading files via WebDAV to an IIS 7 server, the modified times are changed to reflect the upload time.

Solution: This behavior occurs because, by default, support for custom properties is not configured in the WebDAV settings. Webdrive uses a custom property that it modifies using the PROPPATCH method to allow the original modified date to be used. This issue can be verified within the WebDrive log by searching for "424 Failed Dependency" error message associated with a PROPPATCH command. The resolution is to configure custom properties in WebDAV on the IIS server according to the link below.

http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/351/how- ... th-webdav/

--Follow the below steps to enable setting file timestamp in IIS WebDAV ----
◎Enabling WebDAV feature in IIS Manager
◎Enabling Custom Properties Using IIS Manager
1. In IIS Manager, in the Connections pane, expand the Sites node in the tree, then click the Default Web Site.
2. In Web Site home, double-click the WebDAV Authoring Rules feature.
3. When the WebDAV Authoring Rules page is displayed, click the WebDAV Settings task in the Actions pane.
4. When the WebDAV Settings page is displayed, specify the following options:
〇Set Allow anonymous property queries to False
〇Set Allow custom properties to True
〇Set Allow property queries with infinite depth to False
5. Click on the [...] button at the left side of "(Collection)" of "Property Store", to launch the Namespace Collection Editor
6. Click on Add and then choose "webdav_simple_prop" from the drop-down list
7. Specify '*' for the XmlNameSpace and then click on OK.
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