Network browse in version 8

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Network browse in version 8

Postby jfargo » Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:13 am

I'm running version and trying to setup tasks to run as Service.
The only way I can see to enter the login for shared folder and impersonation local user for network shares is to hit the Browse folder button. When the browse folder window opens up, it starts loading all my PCs and servers in the domain. I can type the users and passwords but when I click OK or Cancel, I get a timer that counts down from 60 and starts over again. It won't let me out of the Browse Folder window until it has populated the complete network list of servers and PCs and finished the countdown. Some of my computers are over a satellite connection and it takes 80 seconds to populate the computer list and then once I hit cancel or OK, another 40 seconds to close the Browse Folder window.
Is there any way to enter the credentials without browsing my whole network?

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