BestSync (and earlier) hangs at about 90% of larger

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BestSync (and earlier) hangs at about 90% of larger

Postby jont » Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:22 pm

Using win 7 64 bit version and experiencing repeated hanging when transferring a large 370MB file (at about 90% sometimes earlier)

Have tried:

Passive and active modes
Resumption or not in case of interruption

In current try log ends with:

<200 PORT command successful
>STOR _BS8_ABJM6T2QP7GAC_171B6F0C_01_00_MD5_5206560A306A2E085A437FD258EB57CE_KZEU2VDSMVVS25DFMNUG42LDME.BS_.mp4
<150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for _BS8_ABJM6T2QP7GAC_171B6F0C_01_00_MD5_5206560A306A2E085A437FD258EB57CE_KZEU2VDSMVVS25DFMNUG42LDME.BS_.mp4

Then with timeout ...

Then unable to stop synchronisation and have to use task manager to close BestSync

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