Sync only folder and no content

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Sync only folder and no content

Postby StudioEppelt » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:42 pm

Hello - is there any way to sync only the folder structure from one PC to another? With any content? Background: I´m working with big data amounts and the harddrive of my laptop is not big enough to store the content of my server and most of the contained datas I do not need on location . But I should have the same folder structure when I work on my laptop to prevent wrong folder names ...
I already tried to reach this by excluding all file types ( i.e. *.psd;*.tif; ... ) but only the folders in the first level are synced, not the contained subfolders. I tried to include the subfolders but it doesn´t worked.
//server/synfolder/subsyncfolder /subsubsyncfolder/picture.psd ---> //laptop/syncfolder is the result but I´d like to have this:
//server/synfolder/subsyncfolder /subsubsyncfolder/picture.psd ---> //laptop/synfolder/subsyncfolder /subsubsyncfolder

Perhaps someone knows something, thanks in advance Chris
Softwareversion is ultimate 64 bit running on win 7 ultimate
the excluded filetypes:

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