Intermediate files

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Intermediate files

Postby dhenrique » Wed May 29, 2019 2:14 pm

I have set the option "Use intermediate file during copy." to avoid files being processed before synchronization is finished. But it is not working for me and I have a lot of errors.

The problem is that I have two different systems that should process files after copy, but these system doesn't understand that the file with temp name is not completely copied, and I can not change these systems to ignore files name starting with "_BS8_".

I think only solution for me would be coping files to a temporary folder, and move to final destination only after file was completely copied to temp folder. Is there such an option in BestSync? It would be possible to include it in future version?

I have already used another synchronization software with this feature, and it was working fine. As your software is superior to other options, it would be great to have it in BestSync also.

Thanks in advance,

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