BestSync is the best file backup program on the planet.

by Lars Ahlströ on June 22, 2017 

This is the best file backup program on the planet.
I am an old computerist, stated off 1980 with Sinclair Spectrum stuff, went to the BBS world, and was a hacker in the end of the 1980's I have helped a lot of big companies, together with my many friends in the hacker collective, to spread their baby applications around: Norton, McAffe, Adobe, Microsoft, (Apple we never cared about as they were a sect for themselves) Oracle... and all those names is today world leaders, as we selected the best software and spread it around early on. So they grew big. And they knew the drill. It was sort of "illegal". Only ONE of us hackers was kept in federal jail for show..! I remember I could transport large dumps of software between Australia and Holland with my desktop in Sweden, (called FXP'ing, not FTP).
But as Norton was the leader of the "file backup race", they ended and closed up their "Ghost" long time ago, and now we have some other not so brilliant fellows around. I won't name them. But ONE can I name: BESTSYNC by RiseFly Software!
Over the top absolutely the best backup Windows program ever. I just love it, and it is keeping me calm, as I trust it 110%. It just can't fail me!
I've used it since 2009 and I know these bright guys on RiseFly, believe me,they are brilliant programmers.