[Suggestion] my Suggestions v2.1

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[Suggestion] my Suggestions v2.1

Postby stealth789 » Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:14 am


at first I'd like to thank you for this great software. While using for a while, I get few suggestions that can make work with it easier(I hope not only for me ;)). Here are few of my suggestion:

1.1) Add main task operation status icon to status column. It could be some big "green checked" / "red X". So I'll see by some quick look if everything was OK or with error. Because now I have to check number of files if operation was correct.

1.2) Group / Main status - Maybe consider add some kind of groups. I mean to have groups instead of need of having more profiles. For example I use profiles for Sync OUT and Sync IN between my 2 notebooks and another storage. Or just have some main status progress bar / status icon. When I run all my checked tasks, it would be nice to have some indicator of whole process, not just partial indicators per task.

1.3) Task processing - Add option to run real-time task sequentially. It is better for performance on single HDD.

1.4) Tray Icon / Minimize / Close - Add some more options for main window operations. I mean for example how to deal with close button. If program should be closed or go to tray. Now I'd like to close it, but it's always going to tray. Also add options to always show tray icon, and something like standard options of most programs have.

1.5) Program Icons - It would be nice to have some options to have smaller nice icons.

1.6) Program Menu - I prefer not to show shortcut letters in names. Maybe add this as an option. For example File(F) should be only File with underline F. It's standard and much easier to read.

1.7) Main / Task options - Change look to some kind of tree with categories? Maybe it's easier to manage.

2.1) Add option to enable/disable using of Recycle Bin when deleting files.

2.2) Add Help > About with current version info. Information we can see in Help > Register BestSync.

2.3) Add global variables for standard paths. Something like:

HOME = "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>" (user can be whatever like "Mike")
LOCAL_APPDATA = "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data"

with possibility to edit/add new records. So we can use this easily on multiple systems without hard changing of paths.

Thanks in advance for considering this.
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Re: [Suggestion] my Suggestions v1.0

Postby RiseFly » Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:17 am

Thank you very much for the good suggestions, we are considering to impliment some of options in the future version.

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