Problem migrating from WinXP to Win7

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Problem migrating from WinXP to Win7

Postby gdu90 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:35 am

I just "upgraded" to Win7 Ultimate from WinXP SP3 following a hard drive failure. I have reinstalled BestSync 2011 from backup and am trying to get it operational again, starting with an FTP sync task.

I have a problem that this task will run correctly when run from the Preview pane in the BestSyncApp.exe but when I call BestSyncSvc.exe (with /NoSvc) to run the same task from Cmdline or from VBscript it does not execute. Task Manager shows BestSyncSvc.exe momentarily but it then disappears without doing any of the sync actions in the task. This VBscript call worked perfectly under WinXP SP3 and the task file and the target folders are exactly restored from before the hard drive failure.

I suspect the problem is with the security privileges of BestSyncSvc.exe and that the system is refusing to run it but without displaying any message on the screen. I don't know what these security privileges should be under Win7 User Account Control. In services.msc, BestSyncSvc.exe is set to logon with a userid that has admin privileges. (This is the same userid that can run the task correctly in BestSyncApp.exe.) In properties for BestSyncSvc.exe in the Program Files folder, compatibility is set to "run as an administrator" for all users.

Is this correct and what else has to be set for BestSyncSvc.exe under Win7 ?

Or is there another reason that could produce this behaviour ?


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Re: Problem migrating from WinXP to Win7

Postby RiseFly » Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:23 am

I have tested this issue, but can not recreate the problem.
Please check if you have specified the correct file path of the setting file. The path of the setting files are different between XP and Win 7.
And you can also view the log data by click the "Option"/"View Log File" to see if there is any error between "CMD:Start." and "CMD:End." message.

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