modifed file not synchronize in target

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modifed file not synchronize in target

Postby gracelim » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:13 am


I'm trying to synchronize modified file to target destination but it getting ignored and said it is redundant but it is not.
tried deleting the file and creating a new one with same file name in the source with different content
, but it is said that is redundant

version is bestsyn 2017 on windows 2003
below is the log screen shot.

00000000,2/21/2018-16:35:09 PM,Synchr,UPDATE,/html/sfadata/PO/confirmation/DELPR0014.LIM,OK
00000001,2/21/2018-16:35:01 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\DELPR0014.LIM,
00000001,2/21/2018-16:35:01 PM,Ignore,ADD,/html/sfadata/PO/confirmation/DELPR0014.LIM,Redundant
00000003,2/21/2018-16:35:09 PM,Notify,REMOVE,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\DELPR0014.LIM,
00000004,2/21/2018-16:37:31 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\DELPR0014.LIM,
00000004,2/21/2018-16:37:38 PM,Ignore,1==>2,DELPR0014.LIM,(By Filter)
00000000,2/21/2018-16:42:24 PM,Synchr,UPDATE,/html/sfadata/PO/confirmation/LUCMN0020.LIM,OK
00000000,2/21/2018-16:43:19 PM,Synchr,UPDATE,/html/sfadata/PO/confirmation/LUMN0020.LIM,OK
00000001,2/21/2018-16:40:55 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\DELPR0014.LIM,
00000001,2/21/2018-16:41:02 PM,Ignore,1==>2,DELPR0014.LIM,(By Filter)
00000002,2/21/2018-16:41:07 PM,Notify,REMOVE,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\DELPR0014.LIM,
00000003,2/21/2018-16:41:09 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\DELPR0014.LIM,
00000003,2/21/2018-16:41:16 PM,Ignore,1==>2,DELPR0014.LIM,(By Filter)
00000004,2/21/2018-16:41:58 PM,Notify,REMOVE,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\DELPR0014.LIM,
00000005,2/21/2018-16:42:17 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\LUCMN0020.LIM,
00000005,2/21/2018-16:42:17 PM,Ignore,ADD,/html/sfadata/PO/confirmation/LUCMN0020.LIM,Redundant
00000007,2/21/2018-16:42:24 PM,Notify,REMOVE,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\LUCMN0020.LIM,
00000008,2/21/2018-16:43:12 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\LUMN0020.LIM,
00000008,2/21/2018-16:43:12 PM,Ignore,ADD,/html/sfadata/PO/confirmation/LUMN0020.LIM,Redundant
0000000A,2/21/2018-16:43:19 PM,Notify,REMOVE,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\LUMN0020.LIM,
0000000B,2/21/2018-16:45:53 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\DELPR0014.LIM,
0000000B,2/21/2018-16:46:00 PM,Ignore,1==>2,DELPR0014.LIM,(By Filter)
00000001,2/21/2018-16:52:09 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\LUCMN0020.LIM,
00000001,2/21/2018-16:52:09 PM,Ignore,ADD,/html/sfadata/PO/confirmation/LUCMN0020.LIM,Redundant
00000002,2/21/2018-16:52:16 PM,Ignore,----,LUCMN0020.LIM,(By Filter)
00000001,2/21/2018-16:53:49 PM,Notify,ADD,D:\filetrfr\DOWNLOAD\EZORD\field\LUCMN0020.LIM,
00000001,2/21/2018-16:53:49 PM,Ignore,ADD,/html/sfadata/PO/confirmation/LUCMN0020.LIM,Redundant
00000002,2/21/2018-16:53:56 PM,Ignore,----,LUCMN0020.LIM,(By Filter)
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Re: modifed file not synchronize in target

Postby gracelim » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:46 am

is there a linux command that bestsync uses to get the ftp server timzesone for doing the comparison that need to be given ftp user accounts?
if yes, what is it so i could tell the ftp administrator to grant it?

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Re: modifed file not synchronize in target

Postby RiseFly » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:00 am

The log is of the real-time synchronization, the OS may notify the change of the same file for multiple times, BestSync ignores the notification and mark it as "Redundant". It does not means that BestSync has not synchronized the file.
If the task is synchronizing with FTP server, BestSync will ignore the changes withing a period (3 seconds or 3 minutes) that depends on if the server supports MLSD command and any of {"SITE UTIME", "MFMT" or "MDTM"} commands for modifying the time-stamp of uploaded file.
If the server does not support the above mentioned commands, the period will be 3 minutes.

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