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Difference between 'Notified' and 'Queued'.

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:45 am
by robleenheer
What is the difference between 'Notified' and 'Queued'?
If a file-change is notified, why wouldn't it be queued?

Is there a way to see which files are notified/queued?

While my monitoring task is running, it indicates "Monitoring.... (Notified: 4337, Queued: 361)
with the progress-bar telling me it is 112.50% completed.
What does "112.50%" mean ??!?!?!! :o

Re: Difference between 'Notified' and 'Queued'.

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:05 am
by RiseFly
'Notified' is the change is notified by Windows OS.
'Queued' is that BestSync has filtered the changes and has put the change into the queue for processing. Because OS may notify the changes of the same file in short time multiple times.
"112.50% completed" is because the progress calculation may not be very accurate, the same file may be notified (and processed) multiple times in a period.

Re: Difference between 'Notified' and 'Queued'.

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:07 am
by RiseFly
There is a "Show Real-time Sync Status" context menu of the task, you can click the menu to monitor the real-time sync process.