Initial Sync replaces ALL files in target

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Initial Sync replaces ALL files in target

Postby robleenheer » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:22 am


Yes, BestSyns IS the best FTP sync tool there is. And I researched MANY.
Except for one little problem.
I have an archive of around 5TB on an FTP server, which is basically a mirror of several PCs and Laptops I own or manage.
I now have BestSyns one of them and would like to roll it out to all. But, whenever it syncs ONE file in a destination directory, it does a FULL sync of that directory instead. Which means that my entire 5TB is going to be pumped over the line again which is unworkable :(

The Task I gave configured as follows:

- runs as a service
- real-time sync
- uses intermediate file during copy
- NO "Do full synchronization at the beginning of the task" or periodically, or if no change notification after a period of time.
- Ignore files that are changed in less than this specific seconds: 300

So, ALL my files that originally existing in the target are renamed: original1.XXXXX
and an (unnecessary) upload takes place again.

Please advice,

Kind regards,

Rob Leenheer

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Re: Initial Sync replaces ALL files in target

Postby RiseFly » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:18 am

The issue is because you are not using a correct FTP server for synchronization. For improving the synchronization performance, you should use a FTP server that supports setting time-stamp after uploading a file. This needs the server support "SITE UTIME", "MFMT" or "MDTM" command, such as FileZilla FTP server.
But BestSync can still synchronize files with the FTP servers that does not support "SITE UTIME", "MFMT" or "MDTM" command, by using a LOCAL DATABASE to record the time-stamp of files of last synchronization.
But the first-time synchronization has not the LOCAL DATABASE, so it can not determine which file is newer in both side, but synchronize the different files only.
So the solution is you that use a FTP server that supports one of "SITE UTIME", "MFMT" or "MDTM" command, or synchronize the timestamp only by the "Preview/Synchronize time-stamp only" at the first time sync, and the real-time sync of FTP server is not recommended (becasue some commands of the FTP protocol does not use accurate time-stamp).

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