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Re: Has not synchronized yet

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:24 pm
by tjblow
This is still an issue. Let me review here what I am seeing. The status stays at Has not synchronized yet, the file does not transfer automatically. Does not process file when Start button is pressed. Only processes and transfers file when using Preview. File successfully transfers and I get the date and time for the status, has synchronized, This stays for about a minute then the status reverts back to Has not synchronized yet status. This is task is scheduled to run hourly. I have sent the exported task file via email. Really need some help with this one it is impacting our production flow. Are there any log files I can look at that would point to this issue that I can view? This was not a new task, the task had been running fine for months when this started happening about 2 weeks ago. Other tasks are not effected.