Sync not working downloading from SFTP.

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Sync not working downloading from SFTP.

Postby bmeyyrisefly » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:02 pm

I have several items set up to sync (3 uploading to SFTP and 1 downloading
from SFTP) and the download item never copies anything down to the local
We are using V12.0.0.9 on Win 7.
It always seems to show as Success 0 and Failed 0, yet when it syncs it
seems to identify all 247 files that should sync.
It seems to sit at the "Synchronizing..." message for a while and then
quits with the 0 success and 0 failed message.
If I look a the log on the task itself it has a message:
SFTP Error:BestSyncLog: Connect: DllDate: Aug 3 2011 ...

From the service.log file:
SVC:2017/04/25-09:24:01,Start task. C:\shared$\log <== SFTP:/download/log
SVC:2017/04/25-09:24:01,Task is started by schedule. Every
SVC:2017/04/25-09:24:01,End of the task. -C:\shared$\log <==
SVC:2017/04/25-09:24:01,Task Result: C:\shared$\log <== SFTP:/download/log
(Success=0, Failed=0)
SVC:2017/04/25-09:24:01,End Task -C:\shared$\log <== SFTP:/download/log

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Re: Sync not working downloading from SFTP.

Postby RiseFly » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:16 pm

Please start the preview of the task to see if there is any error message.
If there is error, please save the log message at the bottom of the preview to a file.
And post the log file here.

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